November blessed us with the arrival of our second daughter, Vaida.

Dear God, thank you. Her arrival has me reflecting deeply on gratitude and growth from within.

For almost a solid year now I’ve practiced consciousness gratitude not only daily, but frequently throughout my day. It’s taken forced practice, absolute patience and inner priority to train myself daily for almost 12 months. I’m excited I’m growing. I’m proud of myself that I’m controlling how I feel inside and adding value to my daily life. Practicing daily gratitude and keeping focus on what’s real in my life and precious has completely change the quality of my life in the most fulfilling ways. I used to pray for these feelings and changes. I realized after 30 years, it wasn’t a prayer I needed answered, it was action I needed to take. It didn’t happen over night, but each night I’ve made progress. I’ve forced myself to think differently. I’ve forced myself to react differently. Each day adds up. Consistency. I want to keep growing my life in the abundance of positivity, kindness, gratitude and people who add to these attributes of inner prosperity. In almost a year I’ve seen the undeniable power of practicing gratitude. I am on the brink of a new year and how I feel inside about my life and the people in it – is miraculous. Don’t give up on yourself. You have control to change what ever weighs you down too.

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