What’s All The Fat Loss Hype About?

Le-Vel has launched an industry-shifting product called, DUO. The name DUO appropriately represents the dual DFT (derma fusion technology) patches that work together when placed on opposite sides of the body to support proper fat loss and weight management for both men and women. Read insane product launch information HERE. Did you say $7.5 MILLION worth of product sold in the first 8 hours of release? Yes, they did.

Will You Work?

So, what do they mean by proper weight management support? It’s so hard these days to please consumers. Let’s be honest, most consumers these days want to pay $9.99 for a product that works miracles and by miracles I mean having to put in zero work or hassle, but they want to reap all the benefits. You know the type? The fix all, make me look like I walked out of a magazine body right? The customer who says, “Here is a picture of Jennifer Aniston miss hairstylists, can you make me look like her today even though my hair type, volume and length is nothing near hers since I am paying for it?”

Does DUO Work?

Wadsworth WellnessYou will hear me state this in many blogs, so let me state it clearly once more… there are NO miracle pills, potions or spells people. Period! The great news is, there are lots of well-done, properly formulated, scientifically created and ridiculously innovative products that work extremely well (when you do) to support changes or the improvements you seek with your health, beauty and body. I’m not just talking weight management with DUO, but also skincare, cellulite, cosmetic type products and much more – that actually work and provide results!

So, here’s the catch – they are probably not $9.99 and they will all require you PUT IN THE WORK. If you do not apply a proven skin corrective cream as recommended, you will not see results. It can’t be used once every three months. You will be disappointed and blame that the “product doesn’t work.” If you hire the best personal trainer at the new and improved gym, you will not see results unless you put in the work. Hiring the trainer and simply just purchasing a gym pass won’t work. If you decide you want to save money… you guessed it, if you do not put in the work and make the effort to save often – it won’t WORK. That’s a fact of life. You have to put in work to reap results with anything. Are we all on the same page?

Meet DUO

Let’s chat DUO and learn how this product works when you do and why it works when you do. First off, DUO is formulated using a potent combination of 95% pure Forslean and BHB (ketones) along with other beneficial all non-gmo, gluten free and of course calorie free nutrients to support the body’s ability to naturally burn it’s own fat cells. It is highly recommended that with this product, you pay close attention to providing your body adequate water intake to stay hydrated, flush toxins and support the circulation of nutrition. It’s also highly recommended that you lower your sugar intake and bad sources of carbohydrate intake. There is a Facebook group created around this lifestyle and nutritional plan called, Flip the Switch, feel free to join and gain inspiration from other DUO customers utilizing DUO for their health and fat loss goals.

The Thrive Experience adds in DUO

We were first introduced to the Thrive Experience back in 2013, but it wasn’t until the summer of 2016 that we actually understood what it was and what it was not. You see, my spouse and I thought it was an energy patch; pure caffeine applied to the skin to power people through their day when we saw Thrive products and posts online. We saw people raving about insane energy from Thrive, mood stabilization, mental clarity and more. Yet, we literally thought, “Wow people have resorted to caffeine patches for energy.”

Come to find out years later, Thrive is simply brilliant – it’s simple, balanced and an effective wearable micro nutrition! Of course when you provide the human body proper nutrition daily, you will create natural energy, improve your mood and mental clarity quickly. When you introduce recommended daily nutrition using over 100 premium grade, potent and vital micronutrients including: probiotics, enzymes, minerals, antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins and more effectively into the body daily – overall health improves.


DUO is step 3 of a three-step (8 week) nutrition program called, The Thrive Experience. DUO is formulated to work with two other important nutritional steps, which are meant to fill in your specific nutritional gaps allowing DUO to work most effectively to support your body in health and proper fat burn. Remember when I said SIMPLE? So simple!

Step 1: Take 1-2 micronutrient rich capsules right when you wake up. Seriously, literally right from your nightstand and before you even rise out of bed and get your body moving. This simple step allows the body to absorb the powerful nutrition in the capsules quickly, as your blood begins to flow when you get out of bed. Also, there is no other nutrition competing for absorption (your stomach is empty).

Step 2: 20 to 40 minutes later (still on an empty stomach for best absorption), let’s add onto that first dose of nutrition with a Lifestyle Mix packed pre and probiotics, more essential vitamins and an amazing 15 grams of high quality protein to support lean muscle and performance.

Step 3: Apply any DFT (derma fusion technology patch) or for the sake of this blog, DUO to clean, dry skin and a low friction area. DUO is two patches, so one will be placed on the left side of your body and the other patch directly across on the right side of your body. These DFT patches are time released and good for 12 to 24 hours before removing and replacing.

SIMPLE! 1-2-3 – done for the day! It’s been our new morning routine for an entire year now.

Are You Ready to Lose Inches in a Healthy Way?

Ready to experience DUO’s powerful wearable weight management support? Let’s chat! If you are ready for a product that can support the work you put in and your individual goals, we want to help you learn more. We also want to show you how simple, as a genuine customer only, you can earn this product FREE! We are very excited about this product’s integrity and innovation. The results our customers are sharing with us daily have us anxious to introduce it to others looking for real support with proper fat burn and health too!

Want to snoop around before contacting us? Create a free link to check out the entire product line and learn more. Find the ingredients and more info by creating zero obligation account with us at wadswellness.le-vel.com.

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