Are you on a budget? Do you care about your health and want to make investments to improving your health starting today? Who wouldn’t right? Best of all, how about starting the investment into your health with us for FREE?

Today’s blog really excites us, because one of the biggest challenges and most common challenges we face when helping people live the life they deserve is cost. How much will it cost to improve my health? When we think and speak of health we don’t just think of physical health, but also the huge impact and importance of mental health. Let’s just say, Wadsworth Wellness represents over-all wellness for the human body, mind and quality of life, which we love to call prosperity.

Let’s dive in, because we know these 5 FREE health investments can dramatically begin to improve your overall wellness starting today. Here’s what we need from you. A pen and paper! Write these 5 FREE investments down. It’s proven that when you write something down, you are more likely to make a change and stick to it. Here we go!


How cool is the human mind? Your mind? The power of your mind driven by your thoughts? Whether you know it or not, your mind and state-of-mind is just as vitally important to your health and overall wellness as anything. Your mind and the thoughts you have to power your lives with are absolutely free and absolutely in your control.

Let’s be very clear, free but not to be confused with no value. You see the cost of bad thoughts and negative thoughts is very expensive. We are 100% serious when we say this. The impact a negative mind has on the overall health of your body can cost you opportunities, moods, cognitive performance abilities, health benefits, friends, goals, dreams, advancements and much more. The power of learning how to use your mind to achieve more out of life such as, hitting goals, reaching a healthier state and financial stability are as real as any other health benefit out there. In fact, in our personal opinion true health starts with your mind.

Have you ever seen or studied those who have survived a pronounced death, unbelievable health odds doctors can’t explain, overcome severe injuries or life changing circumstances? Have you ever realized what every single individual who overcame and triumphed have in common regardless of the circumstance?

Their MIND! Each possesses a positive mindset that they were not going to die, regardless of their actual death or near death experience from injury or illness. A mindset that they were not disabled, but newly enabled. A mindset that powered them for FREE by simply using their positive mind to overcome the most unbelievable life changing circumstances known to mankind. These true stories that leave us in disbelief, because for most of us it’s hard to imagine how they used mental strength to re-gain physical strength.

To begin making a free investment to your health starting today, begin to take control of the way you use your mind and how much power you allow it to control and always using it in a positive manner. Research is FREE! Take time to research on your own, articles and self-meditation or improvement that focuses specifically on mindset changes, positive mindset exercises and positive affirmations. Do not take this topic lightly. Again, these are FREE investments, but not of zero value. Investments in time and consideration to positively improve your health and continue to lead you to the life you deserve will result in using this free health investment.


Ah! We are obsessed with the power of reading and what it does for our health and our investment into our personal education and advancement. Education and learning are absolutely an investment into your health. The coolest part to us is that education topics are always up to you! Want to learn and expand your skill set, talent or knowledge on a subject? The topics are endless!

You guessed it! With the technology age we have easy and FREE access to reading materials to grow our personal education, knowledge and health. Make reading a part of your free health routine by reading up on topics you want to learn or know more about. Invest time into yourself and power your brain with the unlimited benefits of reading. What will you choose first? May we suggest reading about a weakness or limited subject you are not fully confident in? For us, this would be a great challenge to learn more about metaphysics or alkaline foods in the body.


Look around…how often do you see people with a water bottle in-hand or posing for a photo with a water bottle vs. coffee, an energy drink, soda or alcoholic beverage? Outside of the gym, we have paid close attention to what drinks are in-hand and going into people’s bodies. They are all expensive. $6.00 coffee, $4.00 energy drink, $2.00 soda, $11.00 adult beverage. More than ever people are spending insane amounts of money on consuming liquid calories (versus eating their calories) and worst of all – they are paying high costs for health degenerating liquids that do their body more harm than good when consumed often.

Here’s the great news! Water is free or ridiculously affordable. Let’s not dive into the types of water in this blog for the sake of time. Let’s stay focused on just simple, free and clean water. Let’s do this exercise quickly! Remember that pen and paper we told you to grab? Let’s use it.

  1. Write down the liquids you consume in a day and how much each costs per drink and how often you consume it. Only select (sodas, coffee, energy drinks, alcohol or sugary beverages)
  2. Then, we want you to total each type for one full month.
  3. We hope you are realizing how much you may be spending on poor liquid health choices.

When Cole and I ask those who come to us for help improving their health, we love to help them realize first, how much they are spending each month on poor health investments versus healthy investments that improve their life and overall wellness. It’s shocking! Here are the averages from our personal experience. Where does your unhealthy liquid budget per month sit?

Low $20-$60 per month
Average $61-$120 per month
High $121-$300+ per month

If you are in the high range budget of unhealthy liquid purchases, it’s time to consider the fact you have the means to invest in your health and save money. It’s up to you to be honest with yourself.


Who said you have to have a gym pass that costs money? Exercise is FREE! Seriously, it’s free to make the choice to move your body each day and increase your heart rate. Workout in your own yard, around your neighborhood, a local high school track, surrounding natural areas (mountain hike or park run), walking the mall, in-home privately or simply at your desk! Remember how reading is a FREE health investment too? Use the power of reading and find FREE ideas online for in-home workouts, desk workouts and other fun ways to incorporate exercise into your life absolutely free. You do not need to buy a gym pass. When you have a WILL, there is always a way. Get moving for FREE!

Food Swapping

One of our favorites, so that’s why we saved it for last!

It truly is sad that a McDonald’s salad and bottled water is double the price of a burger, fries and coke. When you are not trained on how to food swap and literally change the quality of what you consume with the SAME grocery budget (essentially FREE), you realize there is no excuse for why you can not eat better, other than you just are not willing to make the changes necessary to live the life you deserve. Are you ready to live the life you deserve? Then, let’s food swap!

When you begin to realize that you can swap a small bag of Cheetos that is $3.89, for an entire large bag of fresh apples (roughly a week’s worth) for less – you begin to realize YOU CAN afford better health on the same budget, which equals FREE to swap out!

Here’s how it works. As you swap out unhealthy food choices for better options such as the example above, you begin to create what’s called margins of difference. That above savings (margin of difference) let’s say is $1.00. The apples came to $2.89 versus the Cheetos $3.89. That’s $1.00 you can invest towards a higher priced healthy food item such as organic eggs, which cost more than low grade eggs.

Now, as you go through the food swapping process you begin to make choices that improve your health and properly fuel your body as well as save you money. Then you can “apply or swap” for more expensive health items you never justify paying for (until now). Let’s lay out a relevant example so you get a better idea of how to literally swap your grocery budget for FREE and being investing in your health today.

Previous purchases:

Cheetos $3.89
Pop Tarts $2.68
Bleached Eggs $2.89
White Bread $$1.98
Soda 12 pack $4.68
Energy Drink 12 Pack $18.73
Hot Dogs $3.78
Ice Cream $3.99
Nutrigrain Bars $4.78
Cheerios $3.64
Lunchable $1.50
Frozen Pizza $4.50
Mac and Cheese Box $.99
Gallon of Milk $2.50

TOTAL: $60.53

Swap purchases:

Bag of Apples $2.89
Bananas $1.68 (bundle of 6)
Farm Fresh Organic Eggs $4.89
Protein Bread $4.89
Unsweetened Iced Tea Packets (24 ct) $2.50
Perrier Sparkling Water $5.98
Organic Lunch Meat $4.78
Greek Yogurt ½ Gallon $4.98
Protein Bars $5.68
Protein Organic Cereal $4.68
Pre-made Salad $3.50
Organic Chicken $5.98
Spinach $1.99
Organic Milk $4.89

TOTAL: $59.01

It’s up to you to realize and be able to make the commitment to food swapping for healthier choices that DO NOT have to change your grocery budget. We consider this a FREE health investment when you are choosing to invest in one healthier choice over another poor health choice.

Want to learn more about supplement swapping too? Let us teach you how you can reap the health benefits of premium vitamins and health products for FREE? Contact us.

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