Let’s be honest, brutally honest. There are NO miracle products, period.

We truly believe and stand behind three solid facts of the human body. These facts prove how the body transforms (weight, inches, shape and build), how it rejuvenates on a cellular level and ultimately what fuels the body’s natural health and energy. So, what are these three proven facts to natural health? It’s simple! Exercise. Water. Nutrition. Period.

When you stop to realize the human body is not complicated in what it needs, you will realize you have the power to change your health starting today. The lack of “no results” comes from us as humans wanting “miracles” and “quick fixes” rather than what works naturally with our body and more so, what provides long-term results and health benefits. The other complication becomes our excuses as to why we think we can’t make these changes or integrate what’s best for us into our daily lives. Many people also think everything must cost a large investment of money for results. False, that is not the case. Read my blog on “5 FREE Health Investments.”

Let’s discuss each of the three simple facts we are so passionate about.


We love this important fact! Exercise builds mental and physical strength. Exercise promotes a faster metabolism, increased cardiovascular strength, the production of wonderful hormones we need to feel our best, better sleep, improved mood, a natural energy boost, improved quality of life and longevity from the benefits of all of these combined. Exercise is natural. The human body is meant to move, be strong, be used and perform for us daily.

We know this day and age sometimes it feels like a chore to exercise, just as much as running to the grocery store. Technology, advancements in transportation and dramatic shifts in how we provide for our families have changed the natural integration of exercise into our daily lives and ultimately for most of us – making it a task or to-do item. Rewind 20-30-40-100+ years ago to how humans naturally exercised on a daily basis. It was natural and it was daily for the majority of people due to the lack of technology, lack of advanced transportation and the fact most people farmed or provided for their families off of the land. All of these things required natural daily activity and physical work. Kids and adults weren’t consumed by technology distractions and online activity. They rode bikes, played outdoor games and spent majority of their time actively outside versus indoors. Transportation changes have now limited our natural self-movement and shifted us to relying on vehicles. Think about it, not too long ago we used to have to walk, ride a bike or take time to pull our horses out, load them to a cart and put in the work to provide for our transportation animals – all requiring exercise and activity on our part.

Exercise is one of three parts of health that not only supports insane health benefits and longevity, but also contributes to how your body looks. Those wanting to shape their figure, add lean muscle or become stronger must use exercise to make these changes to their body. Literally there is no surgery, pill or machine that will provide the long-term and reliable results you want other than good old exercise! We are hear to tell you, put in the work and reap the results!


It’s a no brainer! Literally 90% of your brain is water, while 70% of your body and cells are water. How else do we say this? WATER! If you are human, you are water. If you are not consuming the majority of your liquids every day in the form of water, then you are dramatically hurting your health, longevity and cognitive functioning. This is a serious topic. It has become commonly accepted to consume other forms of liquid per day in high amounts, while the value of water consumption is extremely low for the average American. We keep waiting for the day a ”Got Water” campaign becomes popular and people begin to realize how necessary adequate water intake is to their health and longevity of their organs. Let’s take a brief look at a small list of adequate daily water intake benefits to your health and body.

Adequate water consumption increases energy, relieves fatigue, promotes weight management, flushes out toxins, improves skin complexion, maintains regularity and proper digestion, boosts the immune system, improves cognitive function, prevents cramps, supports your mood and guess what else? It saves you MONEY! Did you read this? “5 FREE Health Investments.”

We hope if you take the time to read this, that you realize you deserve better health. We want to recommend an app that helps you learn and create the habit of adequate water intake. It’s called, “My Water.” It’s free! Water is also free or very affordable. Take this time to realize what you put into your BODY, IS your body. With that being said, let’s talk about our third fact – nutrition.


When all life forms were created, they were each created with the ability to use nutrition to sustain life and be powered or fueled through life by metabolizing it to energy.

As humans, we are no different. The human body is meant to run on nutrition and water. We covered water, so let’s talk about nutrition.

Let’s think about a gas engine in a car. If we attempt to put any other form of substance in the fuel tank other than pure gasoline what happens? That’s right. Nothing. The car won’t run because the engine is only meant to run on gasoline, as it’s fueling source.

Well, fortunately/unfortunately (however you choose to look at this) the human body is stronger than an engine in a car. By this I mean, even though quality nutrition is what our body is meant to be fueled by, the human body is strong enough to take anything you choose to put in the tank and still perform at some capacity. The key here is performing at “some capacity.” Keeping up? Let’s think about this common scenario.

Scenario one: You wake up at 7:00 am and scramble out the door to work. Straight from your bed to your car and right through a coffee drive through for a sugar packed large latte and donut and a whopping $7.00. You sit down to your desk and before you know it, it’s 1:00 pm and you jump in the car to hit the closest drive through for a quick burger and fries before you return to the office grind. Sure enough 3:00 pm hits and so does the energy crash and daily headache. You grab your $3.00 energy drink or soda of choice, so you can make it to 5:30 pm and your drive home. Everything is crazy, traffic, kids and their friends, your spouse had a chaotic day at the office too… what’s for dinner? What’s easy? Frozen pizza and a liter of coke for 5! Before you know it, it’s 8:00 pm. You’re beyond exhausted, the gym isn’t on your radar and you are reaching for a bottle of comfort to alleviate your backache from the office chair and headache that will soon follow. Tomorrow? It will look very similar and so will the way you feel because of the low-grade fuel you provided your body to get you through the day. Guess what? It doesn’t have to be this way. You are in control of HOW you treat your body and HOW you fuel it. Remember how we said, fortunately/unfortunately the human body unlike a car will function at some level on whatever you put in the tank? This is what we mean. How quickly would our habits change if our body didn’t start at all until we provided it proper fuel? Like an engine, we would be required to provide it a proper fuel source in order to reap the benefits of our body’s engine or it wouldn’t go into drive. That would be crazy right? Imagine the abundance of health that would prevail though.

Scenario two: You wake up at 7:00 am and before you even get out of bed, you fuel your body with 4 ounces of water and two micro-nutrient capsules packed with premium nutritional support. You get the kids ready this time, kiss your spouse and place a time-released nutrient patch on your arm in the blink of an eye. As you scramble to the car 20 minutes later you’re shaking up 6 to 8 ounces of water mixed with protein, pre and probiotics and over 100 vitamins and minerals your body needs to perform at it’s peak all day. The best part is, you won’t be late! You don’t need that coffee stop for another $7.00 today or the time delay it causes each morning as you stroll in late to work. You sit down to your desk feeling amazing and ready to seize the day with motivation from nutrition. You reach into your desk and grab an apple and get to work. Of course, before you know it, it’s 1:00 pm and you jump in your car to run into the closest grocery store to grab a pre-made salad, water bottle and pack of almonds. You return from lunch and prepare to face that 3:00 pm crash… that never shows up. Where is it? What is this? Why am I not crashing on my desk? Don’t ask questions! Just keep grinding! Your body is now creating its own natural energy from nutrition and supporting you. Well, it’s 5:30 pm you feel amazing, so you clock out and decide to make a stop at the gym for 30 minutes of strength building and an endorphin rush before heading home. What’s this? You still have clean-natural energy? Great! Let’s make a quick and easy quinoa salad, easy bake protein and just like that the whole family is feeling great as they finish their healthy dinner and rinse it down with a glass of water. Guess what? Your body and energy is meant to be this way! This is the power of nutrition and choices in how you fuel your body versus what you bog it down with.

You deserve to live the life you choose. You have the power to choose the life scenario you live and the quality within your life in how you function and feel. When you take the time to realize it’s not complicated. It’s simply a matter of exercise, water and being fueled by nutritional choices – YOU will live the life you deserve. You will see changes, when you make these changes. When you make time for success, success makes time for you.

When you are ready to learn more about our simple 3-step nutrition and reap the benefits of these three powerful and natural facts, we want to be the ones to support your journey – because we have been there. We live the life we deserve every day fueled by exercise, water and nutrition. Join us!

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