What is Wadsworth Wellness?

Our Mission

Together we are on a mission to influence others to improve their overall health and wellness by being an example of how to make your dreams reality and thrive in life through overall wellness, positivity and purpose. We focus on overall wellness in health, prosperity, relationships, mindset, functional athletic training and more.

Our Values

We believe in natural health, continued innovation, teamwork and ultimately tying it all together – creating the life you deserve.

Our Vision for Wadsworth Wellness

In the next 5 years we hope to positively impact the lives of over 100,000 people simply leading by example with our positive lifestyle health choices, total mind and body wellness, valuable inspiration and by providing helpful and FREE resources that help others live the life they deserve.

Our website is a place where you will learn and find inspiration about choices in natural nutrition, a powerful morning routine we use each day and positive life hacks to help you become empowered to create the life of wellness that you and your family deserve.

We specialize in providing support to those who are ready to make positive changes in their health long-term. We are seeking people who can commit to taking their overall health to the next level with 3 very simple steps like we did. That’s it! 1-2-3…

For those that want to take their wellness experience to the next level of success, we offer mentoring sessions and coaching to help those needing or wanting to unleash their abilities and expand their life achievements – like us! We welcome you and support you in achieving your goals based on where you want to go. Let’s chat today and see if our style of excelling your personal development is a great fit for your success!


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