Meet the Wadsworth’s

Mr. & Mrs. Wadsworth

We are not perfect parent “bloggers.” We are real, raw and really into overall health as a family. We live on a suburban farm and cherish the memories we make here with our daughters and our animals. Let us introduce ourselves!

Meet Cole

  • Degree in Business Entrepreneurship
  • Specialized in Commercial Real Estate
  • 2019 Titan Games official Titan
  • Hyperlite Sponsored Wakeboarding Pro
  • 2x American Ninja Warrior (season 9 and 10)
  • Fitness & Health Advocate
  • Spartan Athlete
  • Father
  • Chicken Tamer
  • Functional Athlete Training
  • Motivational Speaker – Mindset
  • Rancher
  • Sportsman
  • Community Donator
  • Passion for Positivity

Cole wants to tell you, “We only have one life and the odds that we are even on this Earth are beyond our comprehension. Do not take one minute for granted, cherish the ones you love, be the best person you can be, give your all to what you are passionate about, give to those in need, take your health seriously (you only get one body) and most importantly enjoy every second you can with everything you can!

Meet Brooke

  • Former Maxim Model & Professional Print Model
  • Degree in Business Marketing & Business Management
  • Specializes in Business Start-Ups & Working from Home
  • Competitive 3-Day Eventing Horse Rider
  • Mother
  • Cole Wadsworth’s Wife
  • Nitrous Motorcycle Drag Racer
  • Fitness & Health Advocate
  • Goat Guru
  • Warmblood Sporthorse & Friesian Breeder
  • Charity Event Organizer
  • Passion for Helping Others
  • Personal Growth Advisor

Brooke wants to tell you, “Every single day you have choices. Every day you have the power to make new choices that will change your life, change your health and ultimately guide your life to the future you want. Dreams without deadlines will remain dreams. Personal wants without actions will always remain wants. When you are ready to live the life you deserve, I would cherish the opportunity to be a part of your journey and your positive choices to make changes.


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